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It cost 250K VND ($11) for my rented Honda Future to ride the train, same line SP3 that I rode, which left 10pm from the train station in Ha Noi at Trần Quý Cáp Street. We love Malaysia, we've been there a few times and we always seem to find something new and exciting in the country. I'm sure you'll have a blast. This journey to the wild, exploring Son Doong Cave requires more than 25 porters, safety advisors & guides.

The Expedition is not a race, so you should not expect to rush on this tour. You will be required to purchase your own breakfast and lunch on this day. You'll then reach the entrance to Hang En Cave, home to thousands of swifts.

Start your trek at 9:00 am through Hang En Cave for about 30 minutes to reach the magnificent exit, made famous by many photographers over the past few years. A steep descent with a couple of short rope climbs brings you at last to Son Doong entrance. You should have a wash here, as it will be the last washing place for the day.

Here there is a chance for a short and cool swim, but no washing. Your day begins with a hearty breakfast with your team before a 9:00 am departure towards your second campsite in Son Doong Cave. It will take about 1.5 hours to travel within the cave from Camp 1 to Watch Out for Dinosaurs.

A light lunch is provided with an incredible backdrop of the first doline. It is then a walk through the cave past gigantic formations and plenty of cave pearls towards the light of the second doline and main jungle within the cave. Cross the jungle for around 45 minutes to reach the steep and sometimes slippery path down to your second campsite within Son Doong Cave.

After refueling with another hot breakfast you'll pack up camp and start heading towards the Wall of vietnam travel (www.vietnam-travel.org). After this strenuous ascent, you will see the light from the exit. Enjoy a picnic lunch before emerging into the jungle again.

Cold drinks await you at the top of the hill before a 45 minute drive back to Chay Lap Farmstay where cool towels and a refreshing swimming pool are waiting for you. Please advise our sales team in advance of your departure time so that they can arrange the logistics of your transfer back to the airport or train station. If you are still in the mood for the wild, our one to two-day adventure tours in another marvelous area - Tu Lan Cave System, are highly recommended (see more here ). Since the cave system is the home of the Hollywood blockbuster movie Kong: Skull Island, you will have a great experience enjoying the landscape and imagining the legendary King Kong!

This tour is not for those with limited outdoor/trekking experience, poor medical condition, nor is it for children or expectant mothers.

Seven Reasons To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides

There are lots of different places to eat around the city to suit every budget. The jump was optional so if you are nervous then please don't let this put you off. There are so many chic coffee shops, unique souvenir shops and restaurants. It was built in 2004 to attract more tourists to Hue and cost $3 million to build.

If the drivers stopped turning on the lights during the night! Ha Long bay should be top of your vietnam awesome travel bucket list. We've got pre-trip planning information, weather information, country backgrounders and itineraries, plus we check out hotels, restaurants and things to do and see in the region, and provide transport information to get you moving.

If we've written about a place on , we've been there in person. Taking in two amazing countries, you'll travel through the most amazing sites of Vietnam and Cambodia on this enthralling 17-day adventure. Take a 12-day family adventure through Vietnam's fascinating culture, cuisine and unspoiled landscape.

We offer some truly amazing tours through Vietnam. Food is very important to the culture of Vietnam meaning that, perhaps unsurprisingly, it's very good. Our customer's holiday stories will be sure to give you inspiration.

After a warm goodbye from Laos; Beer Laos and karaoke at the border control, we strode across the Na Maew/Nam Xoi border as merry as can be. He came to ask for it every half hour but we just wouldnt give it to him. Aided with nothing but a small phrase book (but no idea how to pronounce anything) and a belly full of courage, we managed to buy some outrageously over priced water and some rice, slinking back to the safety of a closed room and we waited for tomorrow.

We were told it's the only bus that's passing through these parts all day and the owner was driving an incredibly hard bargain. So I paid too much and a wave of relief filled my body. Generally I just like to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a new city, walk the streets, looking, listening and feeling.

I stayed in Hang Dao, central Hanoi; it's quite a popular area with tourists, and I could see why. At night just to the north of the lake is the Hanoi theatre. M?t hai ba, yo" probably the Vietnamese expression I used most while travelling and the only one I can easily remember, translates to one, two, three, bottom's up", or cheers mate" - remember it, it will come in very handy.

It's widely available, delicious and hearty. Pho varies from town to town, north to south, but the premise is the same - broth, noodles, onion, thinly sliced beef (which cooks in the broth), greens and all the chillies/sauces that you feel it needs added to it. Pho for breakfast and you're ready to take on anything that Vietnam has to offer. Cameras and bags are not allowed in the Mausoleum and must be checked in at the reception.

Five Easy Ways To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides

If you are planning your backpacking trip to Vietnam, or just curious about the culture, this book is perfect! The best range of eateries can be found in the bigger towns and cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. One fifth of the country's population lives here in the nine provinces it is divided into. Since 1990 they have reopened again but they are still monitored by the authorities to ensure no ‘raunchy' dancing takes place such as salsa or the lambada as these are technically banned!

The biggest of all festivals is Tet Nguyen Dan (Festival of the First Day) which takes place any time between 19th January and 20th February. There are different dialects spoken throughout the country. Instead of information centres with free glossy brochures to pick up they are more like travel agents with everything depending on sales.

It won't be hard posting mail from vietnam travel information (www.vietnam-travel.org) as opening hours are long (6am-8pm, 7 days a week) and stamps are extremely cheap. Our aim with this travel blog is to feed and water your wanderlust. Thanks to its great contributions to the pulbic, HFTGs is now well-known as Hanoi Little Ambassadors.

Professional guides do charge for their expertise and will tailor your tour to your likes. Search for things to do in Hanoi on TripAdvisor for ideas. Asking Why Indochina? is like asking why you ride.

The thrill of a place you've never been? The fun of passing rice paddies in a blur of speed. Days 1-2 With its treelined boulevards, parks and French colonial architecture, Hanoi is called the Paris of the Orient Relics of past empires line your ride through rural villages Share the road with food carts, water buffalo, locals scootering to work and kids biking to school Depending on the season, enjoy peach blooms, the blaze of flame trees along the Perfume River or the profusion of lotus blossoms on Tinh Tam Lake.

Days 5-6 Reach Cambodia by flight, then ride through the stunning Angkor ruins, a metropolis built to glorify Khmer kings Shop for keepsakes on Cam Kim, an island famous for ornate wood carvings Pedal past vibrant green rice paddies on peaceful roads. We want to make sure you're on the right trip and that you have the best experience possible. Your journey through Vietnam and Cambodia will probably be unlike any other travel experience.

As wonderfully fulfilling as travel is in this region, it's not always easy. Our itineraries and Trip Leaders remove as many obstacles and inconveniences as possible, making your next extraordinary encounter always within reach. But if you can be flexible and approach the region with an open mind, you'll enjoy your trip to the fullest!Due to the varied road conditions on our routes, we have specially fitted our bikes in Vietnam and Cambodia to maximize your comfort and control.

In Cambodia, all Backroads bikes come with upright handlebars, as the terrain includes some rough roads with dirt and sand sections.

9 Reasons You Will Never Be Able To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides Like Bill Gates

We will offer shuttles to the Ha Noi airport at several different times during the day. Admittedly, it's a hard country to travel through but despite the challenges you'll find a very interesting and visually pleasing place to visit. Pagodas are used as shrines and temples and are treasured by the Vietnamese people. This is a relaxing quality to it that makes staying for a while very attractive.

Dive in Nha Trang - This area is full of seaside resorts and has a distinct urban feeling to it. However, the beautiful sand and clear water make it the main spot for scuba diving in vietnam awesome travel. As a passenger on a tour you'll meet a group of likeminded individuals with whom to share your experience, and have plenty of backup should you be robbed, a civil war breaks out, or a tsunami hits. The possibilities are endless as an adventure tour leader, especially working for the larger companies that offer the widest range of tours.

A tour leader is a guide, babysitter, teacher, and entertainer all rolled into one. Moreover, with your boss very seldom in the same country, let alone the same city, to look over your shoulder, there is more autonomy than you could shake a hiking stick at. You will lose touch with friends and family back home, and become all too familiar with living out of a hotel room.

The final stage of your training takes place abroad, shadowing an existing tour leader, and learning the realities of life on the road. Other operators with claims as specialists in a certain region or activity will demand that their leaders speak the required language or are proficient in the relevant field. Of course it helps if you are fluent in a dozen languages, have a PhD in anthropology, or have traveled to over a hundred countries.

Ultimately, what you need is a bit of common sense, travel experience, people skills, and the desire to swap the safety and security of your home country in favour of an altogether more interesting yet transient existence. We customize privately guided tours throughout Vietnam for you based on your interests, time and budget. Saigon is even more exciting when dashing through city streets by motorbike to find local eats with our Foodie Guides.

Our Team of Local & Foodie Guides are dedicated and ready to show you the best of what Vietnam has to offer. Welcome to Xin Chào Private Vietnam Tours! Each member of Our Team speaks excellent English, are professional, super-friendly, and knowledgable about the places and sites they are guiding you through.

Although I am far from an expert on Vietnam - there are too many places to visit in Vietnam that I haven't seen, and too many things to do in Vietnam that I haven't done - I can give a few tips on how to prepare for a trip to Vietnam and how make the most of this interesting country. I visited Vietnam between the end of February and mid March.

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On the tours here you may be cynically herded from tourist trap to tourist trap. For example, when someone comes to you pretending to be collecting money for the Red Cross, and you think you're making a donation to help the disabled, but instead that person is actually just pocketing the money, that's not okay no matter what country it is or how poor people are. Do you mean is it doable to see a lot of Vietnam in 2 weeks? Well, this is I how put this.

And an interesting perspective popped up while I was there. Not only did we tick off items from our bucket list, we also made it at the least possible cost and the shortest possible time given our full-time jobs. A little unnerving at first, we were comforted by the fact that we were flying Air Asia, a brand familiar to Filipinos.

We booked via Giant Ibis for the 6 hours trip — mostly which we spent sleeping. Contrary to some tourist reviews on border horrors, crossing the border via Bavet was very easy and convenient. Gratuities or tips are encouraged but are not required.

Intensely colorful landscapes are the setting for your own masterpiece, with culture and heritage captivated as the subject. Intrepid believes half the fun of experiencing a new country is getting there, and getting around once there! Sleeping aboard a traditional junk is a quintessential Vietnamese experience to be savoured.

Experience warm hospitality and unspoiled scenery on a farmstay in the heart of the Vietnamese countryside. The second Indochina War created wide-scale devastation and turmoil for the people of Vietnam, leading to mass migration to other parts of the world as asylum seekers tried to escape the conflict that ravaged their homeland. More recently, Vietnam has benefited from the free market economy that was set up in 1986.

Although many Vietnamese people live below the poverty line, there have been widespread improvements in literacy and health which hopefully will continue to improve in the years to come. Although people still choose to live in the densely forested highland regions, most of vietnam travel's population is concentrated in the cities of the low lying areas, where infrastructure is more easily built and the land is fertile. A system of canals and levees has been quite successful in redistributing the water during monsoons, and has helped to alleviate flooding in the Mekong Delta and surrounding areas.

It's a good idea to check with your local customs officials to ensure that you are able to bring certain items back into your home country. Some of Vietnam's hilltribe people make excellent woven bags, clothing and jewellery which make meaningful souvenirs for friends back home. If you're a coffee fan, why not take a little taste of Vietnam home with you.

While not the cheapest of souvenirs, authentic lacquer art is worth spending a bit more on. Take a boat trip to one of the sleepy islands to get a front row view of life on the Delta, and meet the people who call it home.

4 Ways To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides In Ten Days

It can be booked at your hotel or at any tourist excursions kiosks. Just book one-way first and then book the return flight after you have built your itinerary. A good way to do it is to visit , enter the city, and check if there's something that interests you. Rest days" are those when you would be more relaxed.

You will also be asked where you will be staying in that country so make sure you know the address and contact number of your hotel. It's a breeze to travel through either by bus or by motorbike, it's relatively easy to communicate, and everyone travels on the same path so it's easy to make friends (either North to South or South to North). Accommodation: There is no need to pay more than $10USD per night for accommodation.

Keep in mind this is a rough guide to give you an idea of how much time to spend in each place. Take a peek at the Women's Museum to understand more about the women's role in the Vietnamese culture and make sure you find a spot to try some egg coffee. Then spend the afternoon on a street food tour of the city.

Most people who do it on their own will head to Cat Ba island which is the largest island in the area. And lastly take a walk up the 500 steps to the top of the mountain to admire the limestone formations from above. DAY 12: Take the morning to get yourself oriented in town and start getting ideas of what you want made.

Before or after you can roam the streets some more and visit any of the historical sites that interest you. Tickets can be bought in town the day of the show. On your last evening spend time walking by the river to see the lanterns and to explore the food and shopping markets in the area.

Head to one of the famous mud spa's and leave feeling refreshed and cleansed. There are multiple spas to choose from, I arranged one with a pick-up and drop-off through the recommended hostel below. Spend the morning lounging at the pool at the hostel I recommend below then go on a tour of the red and white sand dunes and the fairy stream.

Street food is always better and cheaper and Ho Chi Minh is one of the best places to find it. DAY 19: Arrive in Ho Chi Minh and prepare yourself for a somewhat somber day. First, you can head to the War Remnants museum to learn about the Vietnam Travel Information war.

And lastly, you should see the Bến Thành Market for some shopping and dinner. I unfortunately, had to skip it because it is for those adventurous souls who like to jump from heights or go canyoning (these were not possible with my sprained ankle). Did you get all of that?!

Every place I mentioned is worth a visit and there are still more places to visit.

Haven’t You Heard About The Recession: Topten Reasons Why You Should Vietnam Backpacking Tour.

That room in Luang Prabang was huge, had an ensuite toilet and bath, well-ventilated, and located in the town's historic core! To start you out for your trip to Vietnam I'll share some of the best tips for how to get the best bang for buck while traveling through this diverse country. The majority of people choose to do a tour for Halong Bay (there are literally hundreds) that are either 2-3 days long. During the evening make your way to see a traditional Vietnamese water puppet show.

DAY 18: Mui Ne can easily be done in a day. Secondly, check out the Independence Palace to be taken back to the 70's that served as a government building during the war. These are the highlights and some of the best places in Vietnam that are the ideal Vietnam backpacking itinerary!

Let the country tell you how to feel and you will have an unreal time and unforgettable adventure during your vietnam travel information holidays. If you have forgotten your password, enter the email you used to set up your account, and click the Continue button. He has relatives who were bombed and sprayed with Agent Orange during the war, and he grew up wanting to be a soldier protecting his country.

In many ways, the tourism industry in Vietnam is still finding its feet as the number of international visitors has doubled in the last decade. Main streets are dotted with tourist information centers, double-decker buses, and hostesses handing out English menus. In Vietnam, it involves walking around bomb craters and through Hindu temple ruins at My Son, climbing into sanctuary caves in the Marble Mountains, and crawling though Viet Cong tunnels.

On the southern end, you can find sweltering tropical islands like the peaceful Phu Quoc. Open-air markets offer the opportunity to test your bargaining skills and pick up clothing, jewelry, lanterns, artwork and other souvenirs for prices you can only find in secondhand stores in the U.S. In Hoi An, get an outfit tailored to your measurements with your choice of fabrics for as low as $20. While these tours are somewhat limiting in sticking to tourist-dominated bars, it's a chance to get to know travelers from all over the world.

With their tumultuous history, including a thousand years of Chinese rule and more than half a century as a French colony, the Vietnamese have fused many foreign influences with their own creations in architecture, art, food and beliefs. The uniquely Vietnamese religion includes elements of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Regardless of affiliation with Caodaoism, Buddhism, Catholicism or other another religion (sometimes multiple), many Vietnamese families have altars where they can pray to their ancestors.

But like Nguyen, many Vietnamese people choose to welcome Americans as friends and chart a different future. With a population of over a million people, Can Tho is the economic, cultural, and political centre of the delta, sprawling for miles from its waterfront promenade out to the surrounding rice paddies and jungle.