8 Horrible Mistakes To Avoid When You Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides

Shopping is one of the top things to do in Vietnam. Yes, the place is packed with tourists as this is one of Vietnam tourist spots, but it pretty much only gets local visitors who go there on a pilgrimage. This gorgeous small city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is blessed with a relaxed atmosphere: the historic centre is closed to the traffic; its cobbled streets and historic homes perfectly kept, making it one of the top places to visit in Vietnam. If one of the top things to do in Vietnam is enjoying a cold beer and one of the things to do in Hoi An is enjoying its nightlife, I'd say that not all bars offer the same service and in fact most of those that attract backpackers with the promise of a 2 for 1 on cocktails offer poor quality drinks.

We don't mind crowded beaches as An Bang, but we were pleased to find a lovely, quiet stretch a but further north, on the drive towards Da Nang (the closest big city to Hoi An, as well as the closest airport). The great hosts, the super-nice and knowledgeable receptionist (who speaks perfect English), the atmosphere, the total lack of noise, the delicious breakfast and the fantastic service made it really worth it. This museum has an incredible collection of pictures and other kinds of documents of what in Vietnam is known as the American War.

Traffic and noise characterize its main centers such as Can Tho and Chau Doc. Getting picked up from Vietnam Backpackers Original at around 6:30am via mini bus, after an hour of picking other travellers up we were taken to a coach that was heading travel to vietnam Sapa. I have to admit at first this seemed to be a little annoying despite their honest efforts, but they were a great help when it came to overcoming some difficulties.

We passed Bamboo forest, dozens of rice terraces, villages and downhill rock which made the trek interestingly varied. The food was chicken noodles and vegetables with some fruit and yogurt. The rice fields were the cherry on the cake, as they are truly spectacular and are everywhere to see.

The next day lasted around 3-4 hours. I couldn't help myself as I jumped in and out of the rice fields whilst coming across many buffalo in between. Before that though, we cleverly climbed across a rocks edge to reach a waterfall nearby to our homestay as we cooled off with the calm views and tranquil surroundings.

One of the nicer treks I've done in terms of surroundings and relaxed approach. The homestay was a real highlight and the hospitality was really homely, so much so I would have preferred to stay one more night! The trip has potential to add one or two more days to the itinerary.

The level of trek is moderate because there are slippery points to be wary of. Apart from the 2nd quarter of the hike, the rest is fairly plain sailing but if you are not wearing good footwear and have balance issues, this maybe not be suitable.