Five Incredibly Easy Ways To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides Better While Spending Less

You can do this hike solo or with trekking companies in the area. Another option for travellers espeically in a group is AirBnB follow this link for $35 free credit! Watch the talented tailors at work in Hoi An and get your own creation made cheaply, beautifully and in just a few hours! Travelling in Vietnam can be cheap without really having to think about it. I spent around twenty dollars a day in Vietnam, sometimes a little more when splurging on a day trip or imported beer.

Smile, motion for a car to stop and practise your Vietnamese…. If you are planning to backpack Vietnam from top to bottom, the best time of year generally is September - December (Autumn) and March - April (Spring). Picking up in Vietnam can be quite difficult, if you're chasing a traditional Vietnamese woman.

If however you are short on time and keen to explore Vietnam, and the rest of South East Asia, with a group of like minded people then I recommend checking out Free and Easy Traveller These guys are all about getting under the skin of a destination and providing you with a unique travel experience in which you are bound to make plenty of amigos and memories. A great way to keep track of how much your spending and understanding the exchange rate. Uber : Hand's down the best way to get around cities and always cheaper than a taxi.

It's easy to get carried away in South East Asia, everything is so damn cheap and so much fun. Despite being an experienced driver, I've had a total of three crashes in South East Asia over the last ten years. You are not superior to anyone including the girls/guys walking the streets.

Shameless bit of self promo here but this book is basically my dissertation on backpacking, nine years of tips and tricks and your purchase helps keep the site going. Vietnam: Rising Dragon by Bill Hayton - Written by a BBC journalist, it's an imformative book which will help you understand contemporary Vietnam. Destination Saigon - A funny and fascinating book about backpackers travelling in Vietnam.

Vietnamerica: A Family's Journey - Read this on the plane and feel like you are travelling with GB on his adventure. Offers up some great advice, interesting off the beaten track experiences and information. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Vietnam and Angkor Wat - An informative second ‘back up' Vietnam travel guide.

I strongly recommend travelling with a headlamp whilst in Vietnam; there are frequent power-outages plus lots of caves and fairly dark temples to explore - check out my post for a breakdown of the best value headlamps to take backpacking. Have fun on your Vietnam backpacking adventure but please do get insurance - take it from someone who has racked up tens of thousands of bucks on an insurance claim before, you need it. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, I'll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.