Six New Age Ways To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides

Vietnam looks absolutely beautiful and I think backpacking is definitely the best way to see all the country has to offer. Again, I only do this when it's off-peak. Personally, Vietnam was a country that I loved to hate, until I fell in love with it. Many pick strong sides about the country either completely loving it or hating it. It's just one of those places. And if you love to drink, especially beer, then you're in for a treat.

12PM) so be sure to line up early and double check the times. DAY NINE: Before it gets too hot jump on a boat and ride through Tam Coc to see all of the limestone formations and caves. If you need to move on quickly then go to a shop for a fitting as sometimes they need 2-3 fittings to get your piece exactly as you want it. You can then spend the afternoon lounging on one of Hoi An's beaches that lie just outside of town.

Take a cooking class in Hoi An because they have some unique dishes that are only made in this area of Vietnam and are some of the best dishes in the country. It's a four step process and after you can relax by the pool. You can head out that evening on another night bus to your last destination.

Ho Chi Minh is full of war history that's both interesting and good to know. There are some Vietnam destinations that I didn't mention, Dalat is one of them. vietnam awesome travel is a country so vastly different from North to South that it needed to be broken down like this.

You will be able to do everything you want and drink you heart out at night while backpacking Vietnam easily for under $50USD a day. Be open to the people, the customs, and the food when you go. Don't go into Vietnam with any expectations. Welcome to Taylor's Tracks - a travel blog dedicated to learning from mistakes made while traveling the globe, and growing up as a millennial.

Please check that both items are correct before trying again, or use the ‘forgot your password' and ‘forgot your username' links for assistance. We will email you a link you can use to easily create a new password. HO CHI MINH CITY — Nguyen Vinh Phat has plenty of reasons to resent Americans.

But as he grips a bus seat to keep balance while careening through Ho Chi Minh City traffic, he shows only a smile as he explains how he came to be a tour guide catering in part to Americans. I learned that the best parts about Vietnam are the ones you don't see coming. The pictures on posters, and descriptions in pamphlets generally do not match reality.

But with the tourism industry now accounting for nearly a tenth of the country's GDP, the scramble is on to capture the expanding market. If you're comfortable traveling with flexibility and spontaneity, you'll stumble upon everything you could want and more in a vacation in Vietnam.