7 Reasons To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides

I was over 3kg and being a Filipino who is used to being given consideration, I threw a bit of my not so amicable self to the counter staff which later on I realized was too immature given how she was just doing her job. The museum displays gruesome, authentic, and very biased pictures and stories against American war crimes from the war, and as an American it was incredibly hard to get through, but very informative and an absolute must-see. Savour a seafood lunch and dinner. Opt to visit the Tonlé Sap floating village and the Angkor National Museum.

A hostel bed begins at a price of around €15, with restaurant meals costing just half of that. Of course, Nepal's most famous landmark is no other than Mount Everest - scaling the mountain is no easy (or cheap) feat but is the ultimate adventure for those who've done the training and are up to the task. Bucharest might be a bustling capital, but there's plenty of opportunity to wander the city's cobbled streets.

We also love Essaouira , where you can get the freshest seafood, learn to surf and work on your yoga poses at a fraction of the cost of European destinations. With hostel rooms for £6, budget meals costing just a few pounds, and local beer sold as cheap as 80p Bulgaria is a great choice for backpacking trips that are big on experience and low on cost. It's cheapest to travel to vietnam by foot around the city (obviously) although buses are also very affordable.

While you should spend some time (and money) visiting destinations such as Chichen Itza, if you stick to the coastlines there are plenty of picture-perfect beaches for you to enjoy. Our local guides add that extra personal touch with their extensive knowledge of each area, the flora, fauna and the outdoors. All life seems to take place outdoors on the busy streets; working, eating, cooking, playing, creating, feeding babies, laughing, or just sitting and chatting.

Crazy, beautiful and hectic, at times frustrating - a day in Hanoi is never dull! Later, when it became known as the ‘Hanoi Hilton' it was used by the Vietnamese to hold American Prisoners of War who had been shot down in planes over the skies of Northern Vietnam. There are some strange (rather staged looking) photos of prisoners playing basketball, putting up Christmas trees and playing chess - prison was a ball!

The buzzing city is a street food paradise with the interwoven alleys of the maze-like Old Quarter offering up a wonderful range of steaming local dishes. Read our article here for the not-to-be-missed meals. Discover more about the culture, art and rituals of the tribes of mountainous areas of Vietnam.

The famous Perfume Pagoda also makes for a good day out. Legend has it that the site dates back to over 2000 years when a Buddhist Monk began meditating in the area. Pretty much everything a backpacker could need (and many things you don't - steamed dog meat anyone?) can be found around the Old Quarter - which serves as a good base for exploring the rest of the city.