Haven’t You Heard About The Recession: Topten Reasons Why You Should Vietnam Backpacking Tour.

That room in Luang Prabang was huge, had an ensuite toilet and bath, well-ventilated, and located in the town's historic core! To start you out for your trip to Vietnam I'll share some of the best tips for how to get the best bang for buck while traveling through this diverse country. The majority of people choose to do a tour for Halong Bay (there are literally hundreds) that are either 2-3 days long. During the evening make your way to see a traditional Vietnamese water puppet show.

DAY 18: Mui Ne can easily be done in a day. Secondly, check out the Independence Palace to be taken back to the 70's that served as a government building during the war. These are the highlights and some of the best places in Vietnam that are the ideal Vietnam backpacking itinerary!

Let the country tell you how to feel and you will have an unreal time and unforgettable adventure during your vietnam travel information holidays. If you have forgotten your password, enter the email you used to set up your account, and click the Continue button. He has relatives who were bombed and sprayed with Agent Orange during the war, and he grew up wanting to be a soldier protecting his country.

In many ways, the tourism industry in Vietnam is still finding its feet as the number of international visitors has doubled in the last decade. Main streets are dotted with tourist information centers, double-decker buses, and hostesses handing out English menus. In Vietnam, it involves walking around bomb craters and through Hindu temple ruins at My Son, climbing into sanctuary caves in the Marble Mountains, and crawling though Viet Cong tunnels.

On the southern end, you can find sweltering tropical islands like the peaceful Phu Quoc. Open-air markets offer the opportunity to test your bargaining skills and pick up clothing, jewelry, lanterns, artwork and other souvenirs for prices you can only find in secondhand stores in the U.S. In Hoi An, get an outfit tailored to your measurements with your choice of fabrics for as low as $20. While these tours are somewhat limiting in sticking to tourist-dominated bars, it's a chance to get to know travelers from all over the world.

With their tumultuous history, including a thousand years of Chinese rule and more than half a century as a French colony, the Vietnamese have fused many foreign influences with their own creations in architecture, art, food and beliefs. The uniquely Vietnamese religion includes elements of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Regardless of affiliation with Caodaoism, Buddhism, Catholicism or other another religion (sometimes multiple), many Vietnamese families have altars where they can pray to their ancestors.

But like Nguyen, many Vietnamese people choose to welcome Americans as friends and chart a different future. With a population of over a million people, Can Tho is the economic, cultural, and political centre of the delta, sprawling for miles from its waterfront promenade out to the surrounding rice paddies and jungle.