4 Ways To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides In Ten Days

It can be booked at your hotel or at any tourist excursions kiosks. Just book one-way first and then book the return flight after you have built your itinerary. A good way to do it is to visit , enter the city, and check if there's something that interests you. Rest days" are those when you would be more relaxed.

You will also be asked where you will be staying in that country so make sure you know the address and contact number of your hotel. It's a breeze to travel through either by bus or by motorbike, it's relatively easy to communicate, and everyone travels on the same path so it's easy to make friends (either North to South or South to North). Accommodation: There is no need to pay more than $10USD per night for accommodation.

Keep in mind this is a rough guide to give you an idea of how much time to spend in each place. Take a peek at the Women's Museum to understand more about the women's role in the Vietnamese culture and make sure you find a spot to try some egg coffee. Then spend the afternoon on a street food tour of the city.

Most people who do it on their own will head to Cat Ba island which is the largest island in the area. And lastly take a walk up the 500 steps to the top of the mountain to admire the limestone formations from above. DAY 12: Take the morning to get yourself oriented in town and start getting ideas of what you want made.

Before or after you can roam the streets some more and visit any of the historical sites that interest you. Tickets can be bought in town the day of the show. On your last evening spend time walking by the river to see the lanterns and to explore the food and shopping markets in the area.

Head to one of the famous mud spa's and leave feeling refreshed and cleansed. There are multiple spas to choose from, I arranged one with a pick-up and drop-off through the recommended hostel below. Spend the morning lounging at the pool at the hostel I recommend below then go on a tour of the red and white sand dunes and the fairy stream.

Street food is always better and cheaper and Ho Chi Minh is one of the best places to find it. DAY 19: Arrive in Ho Chi Minh and prepare yourself for a somewhat somber day. First, you can head to the War Remnants museum to learn about the Vietnam Travel Information war.

And lastly, you should see the Bến Thành Market for some shopping and dinner. I unfortunately, had to skip it because it is for those adventurous souls who like to jump from heights or go canyoning (these were not possible with my sprained ankle). Did you get all of that?!

Every place I mentioned is worth a visit and there are still more places to visit.