9 Reasons You Will Never Be Able To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides Like Bill Gates

We will offer shuttles to the Ha Noi airport at several different times during the day. Admittedly, it's a hard country to travel through but despite the challenges you'll find a very interesting and visually pleasing place to visit. Pagodas are used as shrines and temples and are treasured by the Vietnamese people. This is a relaxing quality to it that makes staying for a while very attractive.

Dive in Nha Trang - This area is full of seaside resorts and has a distinct urban feeling to it. However, the beautiful sand and clear water make it the main spot for scuba diving in vietnam awesome travel. As a passenger on a tour you'll meet a group of likeminded individuals with whom to share your experience, and have plenty of backup should you be robbed, a civil war breaks out, or a tsunami hits. The possibilities are endless as an adventure tour leader, especially working for the larger companies that offer the widest range of tours.

A tour leader is a guide, babysitter, teacher, and entertainer all rolled into one. Moreover, with your boss very seldom in the same country, let alone the same city, to look over your shoulder, there is more autonomy than you could shake a hiking stick at. You will lose touch with friends and family back home, and become all too familiar with living out of a hotel room.

The final stage of your training takes place abroad, shadowing an existing tour leader, and learning the realities of life on the road. Other operators with claims as specialists in a certain region or activity will demand that their leaders speak the required language or are proficient in the relevant field. Of course it helps if you are fluent in a dozen languages, have a PhD in anthropology, or have traveled to over a hundred countries.

Ultimately, what you need is a bit of common sense, travel experience, people skills, and the desire to swap the safety and security of your home country in favour of an altogether more interesting yet transient existence. We customize privately guided tours throughout Vietnam for you based on your interests, time and budget. Saigon is even more exciting when dashing through city streets by motorbike to find local eats with our Foodie Guides.

Our Team of Local & Foodie Guides are dedicated and ready to show you the best of what Vietnam has to offer. Welcome to Xin Chào Private Vietnam Tours! Each member of Our Team speaks excellent English, are professional, super-friendly, and knowledgable about the places and sites they are guiding you through.

Although I am far from an expert on Vietnam - there are too many places to visit in Vietnam that I haven't seen, and too many things to do in Vietnam that I haven't done - I can give a few tips on how to prepare for a trip to Vietnam and how make the most of this interesting country. I visited Vietnam between the end of February and mid March.