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There are lots of different places to eat around the city to suit every budget. The jump was optional so if you are nervous then please don't let this put you off. There are so many chic coffee shops, unique souvenir shops and restaurants. It was built in 2004 to attract more tourists to Hue and cost $3 million to build.

If the drivers stopped turning on the lights during the night! Ha Long bay should be top of your vietnam awesome travel bucket list. We've got pre-trip planning information, weather information, country backgrounders and itineraries, plus we check out hotels, restaurants and things to do and see in the region, and provide transport information to get you moving.

If we've written about a place on , we've been there in person. Taking in two amazing countries, you'll travel through the most amazing sites of Vietnam and Cambodia on this enthralling 17-day adventure. Take a 12-day family adventure through Vietnam's fascinating culture, cuisine and unspoiled landscape.

We offer some truly amazing tours through Vietnam. Food is very important to the culture of Vietnam meaning that, perhaps unsurprisingly, it's very good. Our customer's holiday stories will be sure to give you inspiration.

After a warm goodbye from Laos; Beer Laos and karaoke at the border control, we strode across the Na Maew/Nam Xoi border as merry as can be. He came to ask for it every half hour but we just wouldnt give it to him. Aided with nothing but a small phrase book (but no idea how to pronounce anything) and a belly full of courage, we managed to buy some outrageously over priced water and some rice, slinking back to the safety of a closed room and we waited for tomorrow.

We were told it's the only bus that's passing through these parts all day and the owner was driving an incredibly hard bargain. So I paid too much and a wave of relief filled my body. Generally I just like to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a new city, walk the streets, looking, listening and feeling.

I stayed in Hang Dao, central Hanoi; it's quite a popular area with tourists, and I could see why. At night just to the north of the lake is the Hanoi theatre. M?t hai ba, yo" probably the Vietnamese expression I used most while travelling and the only one I can easily remember, translates to one, two, three, bottom's up", or cheers mate" - remember it, it will come in very handy.

It's widely available, delicious and hearty. Pho varies from town to town, north to south, but the premise is the same - broth, noodles, onion, thinly sliced beef (which cooks in the broth), greens and all the chillies/sauces that you feel it needs added to it. Pho for breakfast and you're ready to take on anything that Vietnam has to offer. Cameras and bags are not allowed in the Mausoleum and must be checked in at the reception.